The Stanford Shakespeare Company

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Dedicated to the performance of free, innovative, and high-quality Shakespeare at Stanford and in the Bay Area.

Winter 2017: Macbeth
Directed by Matthew Libby (’17). Produced by Sarah Burnett (’19).

February 22, 23, 25 at 8 PM
February 24 at 7 PM
Elliot Program Center

At the outset of Macbeth, Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of political ambition and folly, the war is over, but the scheming has just begun. After helping to quell an insurrection, Macbeth, a Scottish general, receives a prophecy from a group of witches that he will one day be King. Urged on by his wife Lady Macbeth, Macbeth acts on the prophecy, murders the King, and assumes the throne. But as they become consumed by ambition, jealousy, and guilt, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth find themselves unable to find peace and fend off their enemies, both old and new, natural and supernatural. This winter, revisit Shakespeare’s haunting and enduring story, featuring vivid, unforgettable characters and some of the Bard’s most compelling drama.

Spring 2017: Twelfth Night
Directed by Patrick O’Hare (’17). Produced by Eli Margolin (’17).

May 25, 26, 27 at 8 PM
May 27 at 2 PM
Engineering Quad

Separated in a shipwreck, the twins Viola and Sebastian each think the other has drowned in the storm. Viola, alone in a strange land, dresses as a man to gain employment with the local duke. While this sounds like the start of a tragedy, what follows is a story of love, confusion, dueling, and more, filled with some of Shakespeare’s most memorable and lovable characters. Twelfth Night is not bound to a particular setting, and in its characters and their actions we can see common ground and familiar stories. From the lovesick duke to the countess’s drunk uncle, from the friendly pirate to the cunning maid, Twelfth Night‘s story and characters are sure to provide an evening of laughter, conflict, and more than a little love.