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Announcing our 2018-2019 season

A Midsummer Night's Dream
February 21-23, 2019

Directed by Noah Bennett ('19)
Produced by Ariela Algaze (‘21)

On the eve of a great celebration for the wedding of Theseus, renowned Duke of Athens, and the Amazonian queen Hippolyta, the King and Queen of fairyland meet in the woods just outside the city. Oberon and Titania are quarreling ceaselessly, and their spat has affected the entire natural world around them. 

On that very same night, two unsuspecting groups of young Athenians leave the safety of the city behind and venture into the strange and wonderful forest that lies outside. Four young lovers, hoping to escape the strict laws of Athens or to return home with newfound love, and a gang of common artisans, eagerly rehearsing their original new play, quickly become caught up in a magical feud that turns every relationship and well-made plan on its head. 

In just one chaotic night, one rebellious fairy leads these Athenians on a magical and whimsical adventure, blurring the lines of power, romance, and reality itself to create hilarious new situations in Shakespeare’s silliest and most iconic comedy!

Measure for Measure
May 23-25, 2019

Directed by Betty Lee (‘21)
Produced by Arielle Devito (‘21)

In the lively city of Vienna, prostitution and depravity run wild throughout every corner of its disease-infested streets. The Duke of the city, Vincentio, witnessing this unbridled immorality, plans to rein in the people’s vice and restore the justice system to its former authority. He leaves the city in the hands of one Lord Angelo, a puritanical, cold-blooded man who has no eyes for leniency. Given this immense power, Angelo immediately sets about to transform the city, whipping bawds and sending criminals to the chopping block.

Claudio, a young gentleman, is sentenced to execution for impregnating his wife before marriage. His sister, Isabella, pleas for the deputy to spare her brother’s life, but Angelo remains unwavering in his decision. Instead, Angelo is struck by this novitiate’s devout purity and virtue, and feels an infatuation and lust he has never felt before. As he agonizes over the temptation which draws him in, questions of corruption, power, and justice are raised, and the susceptibility of the human soul comes to light. What is true justice and does it even exist? And who, if anyone, has the right to judge the fate of others?

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